Brand Persona Storytelling | a vital part of your Cause Marketing Strategy

Storytelling is a well known and ancient art form. Fascinating and compelling characters
have animated literature around the world from the beginning of the written word. Today,
scientific research has laid the foundations for a sound empirical understanding of
storytelling as a clear aid to memory, as a means of making sense of the world, as a way to
make and strengthen emotional connections, and as way of recognizing and identifying with
brands of any type. Whether you are dealing with product brands or company brands,
storytelling is essential to successful branding, since your brand is the sum of all your
corporate behaviors and communications that inform your customers’ experiences with your
product or company. 

When it comes to understanding and developing your brand, you need to focus on brand
persona before placing the brand in a story. Key character traits, such as honesty, curiosity,
flexibility or determination, are those that come into play when important decisions are made.
The strength of your brand will come from the strength of its persona and your commitment to
its behavioral implications. Your audience will be interested in the brand story and its actions
because they understand the persona. The emotional connection that the brand persona
creates with your audiences is based on its ability to address deeply felt, though often poorly
articulated, implicit needs and attitudes.